Today’s MR Safety Officers are under pressure to implement cutting-edge safety solutions that will not compromise workflow efficiency, diagnosis, treatment, or patient care. At Sound Imaging, we understand your challenges as well as your commitment to providing outstanding diagnosis and care, fast. We also believe that, through specialized, patient-centric care, we can improve both outcomes and experiences. There’s always a way to help make life safer.

Sound Imaging’s “MRI BoreCam” is an MRI-safe CCTV MRI patient video surveillance system. The MRI Patient Monitor observation system utilizes high-definition video cameras, which can be mounted on any wall in the magnet room. The MRI BoreCam Patient Camera is RF shielded and filtered to remove unwanted image artifacts. The live feed from the MRI video cameras is sent to a high-definition LCD monitor inside the operator room, where the technologist carefully monitors the situation. With the DVR upgrade every moment of the MRI scan is captured for liability and training purposes.We also offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on our MRI BoreCam System. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, return the MRI BoreCam System and we will refund the purchase price!

MRI BoreCam

Benefits of MRI BoreCam:

  • It saves time and money.
  • Reduces re-scans.
  • Helps with patient claustrophobia and anxiety.
  • Patient monitoring in real-time.
  • Protection from liability issues.
  • Excellent training tool.
  • 3T friendly environment.