Product Detail


MRI PMT (MRI Patient Motion Reduction System)


Product Description

In development for over 4 Years, MRI PMT (MRI Patient Motion Tracker) System is an MRI Patient motion detection system designed for MRI Suites, works with any brand of MRI. It enables technologists to automatically detect motion in real time, reducing the number of imaging artifacts and costly re-scans. The MRI PMT System consists of high definition cameras that are MR-safe, RF shielded and come paired with a high performance computer system with pre-installed, customizable software. The technology allows technologists to monitor MRI patients during scanning procedures, with the added feature of motion detection. Every patient video can be saved after their scan for training and liability purposes. The medical device is currently patented with the USPTO.

MRI Patient Motion Tracker features are recommended by the ACR Guidance Document on MR Safe Practices:2013

We also offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee and 90 day’s warranty on our MRI PMT System. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, return the MRI PMT System and we will refund the purchase price!