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MRI Room Alert (MRI Room Emergency System)

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Product Description

Sound Imaging proudly introduces their patent pending MRI Room Alert System, providing safety in one of the most dangerous places in the facility. The system is designed to aid in the protection of both the people and the room, creating peace of mind.

Why would you want MRI Room Alert System?

  • Do you or your techs work alone often with MRI patients in the MRI room?
  • Does your`cleaning staff and MRI service personnel work alone possibly at night around the magnet?
  • Could first responders get stuck to the magnet and possibly alone at the time?

How the MRI Room Alert helps you.

For the MRI Department Manager

  • Have a facility wide voice activated and push button alert system that notifies staff of an MRI patient coding so your MRI tech does not have to leave the patient.
  •  Offers the same voice activated features to anyone else in MRI room danger, whether they are stuck to the magnet, experience a malfunctioning vent stack which fills the room with helium and puts positive pressure on the door so it will not open or some other magnet room related issue.
  • Help protect you investment, the MRI scanner, from potential damage.
  • Reduces overall liability as the MRI Room Alert increases MRI room safety for all.

For the MRI Technologist

  • Gives piece of mind that you are not fully alone while working alone in the magnet room, scanning patient. The odds are high that eventually there will be a life threatening event and you will not to leave the patient.
  • Feel confident that if something happened to you alone in the MRI room that you can reach out to the outside world for help.
  • Feel confident that your co-workers servicing the MRI room will have the same support when working alone.

MRI Patient Safety

Sound Imaging offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee and 90 day’s warranty on our MRI Room Alert. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, return the system and we will refund your purchase price!